Tradecraft Committee

Evaluates, documents, and promulgates OSINT tradecraft best practices, and recognizes performance excellence.

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Committee Members

Unless specifically stated, U.S. Government employees serving on OSINT Foundation committees and subcommittees are doing so in a personal capacity and do not represent their agency, or the U.S. Government.


Peggy Lyons - Chair

Ms. Lyons has headed a commercial open source analytic service for the private and public sectors since her retirement in 2009 after 29 years in clandestine operations. Capping that career, she built Open Source Works, an IC open source analytic unit with native expert teams, cutting edge technology, and best practices in analytic tradecraft and security.


Keith Barbato

Mr. Barbato is the Collection Manager for the U.S. Army OSINT Office (AOO). He is an experienced intelligence professional of 24 years serving in a variety of roles to include Senior All-Source Intelligence Analyst, Senior Collection Manager, and Senior OSINT Analyst/Advisor for various Army units across multiple echelons, Special Operations Task Force, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.


Mark Kjorness

Mr. Kjorness is a 30 year Army intelligence officer veteran and currently serves as the task lead for OSINT collection and exploitation at a major defense contractor for a contract supporting OSINT elements in the Department of Defense worldwide. While in the Army, he served as an intelligence officer at all echelons including assignments as Army Cyber G2, US AFRICOM J2 Molesworth Director, and Deputy Director of NGA Analytic Operations.



Kirby Plessas

Ms. Plessas is founder and CEO of a disabled veteran, woman owned company specializing in OSINT exploitation and training. She began her career in intelligence as an Arabic linguist in the U.S. Military and supported the Defense Intelligence Agency and other IC OSINT elements. She currently supports a number of clients at the Federal, state and local level with OSINT training and was declared an OSINT technical expert by the Department of Homeland Security.



Chris Rasmussen

Mr. Rasmussen is the Tearline Project Manager at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and has been designated as an official DoD Liaison to the OSINT Foundation by the NGA Director. He has served in various OSINT roles in the Department of Defense and the IC for 15-plus years.


* Additional members are awaiting final guidance from management and will be announced soon.


Events/Awards Subcommittee

Establishes a mechanism for recognition of individuals and organizations who have made substantive contributions to the OSINT discipline or the nation's security. Directs professional, networking, educational, and awards activities and events throughout the year to support the promotion of OSINT tradecraft and practitioner development.


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