Practitioner Committee

The Practitioner Committee supports the IC OSINT practitioner community by delineating fundamental concepts of the discipline, providing professional forums, opportunities for continuing education, networking events and a professional journal.  For more information about our committees please visit the Committees page.


Committee Members

Unless specifically stated, U.S. Government employees serving on OSINT Foundation committees and subcommittees are doing so in a personal capacity and do not represent their agency, or the U.S. Government.


David Reese - Chair

Mr. Reese served as a senior Open Source Officer at the U.S. Army Asian Studies Detachment (ASD) - the oldest and largest OSINT activity in the Department of Defense - for 14 years, the last 7 of which he led the organization as its Director. He currently works as a Technical Intelligence Policy Coordination and Capabilities Assessments Officer for the DoD.


Colin Collins

Mr. Collins is a government civilian advisor on OSINT matters within the Department of Defense, an Adjunct Instructor of OSINT for the University of South Florida, and a volunteer member of the Practitioners Committee for the OSINT Foundation. He has 13 years' experience as an OSINT collector, trainer, and policy advisor at the tactical through strategic levels.


Eliot Jardines*

Dr. Jardines serves as Director of Operations for the Foundation in a volunteer capacity. He served as the inaugural Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Open Source, established the National Open Source Enterprise and authored Intelligence Community Directives 301 & 302.

* Dr. Jardines' tenure on the Practitioner Committee is limited to one year.



Leslie Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell is a retired defense intelligence officer with service in both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. While assigned to the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI), she served as the Open Source Intelligence Portfolio Manager. She authored the DoD Instruction, Management of OSINT; developed the Open Source Intelligence Research and Analysis (OSIRA) course, and served as Chair of the Defense Open Source Council (DOSC).



Robert Wilkinson

Mr. Wilkinson works for a major defense contractor as an OSINT tradecraft instructor certifying DoD practitioners in support of USINDOPACOM requirements. He is a retired Army Reserve officer with 30+ years of organizational leadership experience, specializing in all-source intelligence, open-source intelligence, and human intelligence.


William Woods

Mr. Woods is an OSINT senior collection officer with 12 years of practitioner experience.  He is also an Army veteran with 20+ years of combined Active and National Guard service.  He has served in the Middle East, Horn of Africa, Korea, Europe, and Cuba.


Journal Subcommittee

Serves as the editorial board for the journal of the OSINT profession.


Newsletter Subcommittee

Produces the OSINT Foundation member newsletter First Resort twice monthly.


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