Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors are important partners of the OSINT Foundation and vital supporters of our mission to advance the OSINT discipline.  We welcome your application and are happy to answer any questions about sponsorship.

Sponsorship of the OSINT Foundation supports the professionalization of the workforce through common standards and certification.  As a corporate sponsor, companies stay abreast of the latest innovations and best practices while providing professional development opportunities for their staff members.

Corporate sponsors are vital to the Foundation's mission of advancing the OSINT discipline. Sponsorship provides companies with a number of individual memberships for their employees, the ability to post job vacancies, and advertising in the Foundation's newsletter and journal (when launched), as well as their logo on our website. The Foundation committees and subcommittees include practitioners and subject matter experts from industry (limited to a total of two members per company across all committees and as openings occur), and industry participation is encouraged on task-focused working groups when established. Sponsorship does not give a company a guarantee of committee membership, but the work of the Foundation's committees benefits industry, as well as the government as OSINT practitioners enhance their professional skills and qualifications.

Since the Foundation is not an industry advocacy organization, but a professional association, industry participants on the committees will be practitioners or subject matter experts, not business development or corporate professionals. Industry members bring valued insight into new technologies, processes, and tools, as well as best practices, and are true partners across the IC.


Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels  Sponsorships at all levels are for 12 months.


Why Partner with the OSINT Foundation?


Reason One

Sponsorship enhances the nation's security and advances the OSINT discipline.

The Foundation's work drives towards consistent standards, innovative tradecraft, and a program of record for OSINT.


Reason Two

Sponsorship supports the professionalization of the workforce, establishment of common standards, and certification.

Independent certification will minimize delays in onboarding contract personnel, while minimizing operational risks.


Reason Three

Sponsorship reaches OSINT professionals and the government with your message.

Targeted advertising to OSINT practitioners simplifies means of reaching, identifying, and successfully recruiting talent, while getting your message out to government OSINT managers.


For more information about sponsoring the Foundation, please complete the Contact Us form and our Director of Operations will be in touch shortly. 


Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of the OSINT Foundation!