About Us

The OSINT Foundation is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) which is focused on lessening the burdens of government and serves as the association for US Intelligence Community OSINT practitioners and an educational resource for the general public.  For additional information regarding our regulatory disclosures, please visit our Public Inspection page.


Motto: Primum Cognoscimus (We Know First Of All)




Foundation Strategic Goals


Develop the OSINT Practitioner Community

Provide scholarships as well as opportunities for forums, continuing education, and networking.



Formalize Tradecraft and Certification

Promulgate tradecraft best practices, develop professional certification standards, and recognize performance excellence.



Effect OSINT Resources and Representation

Advocate for an OSINT program of record throughout the Intelligence Community, and recommend appropriate strategies and policies for OSINT at enterprise scale.



Additional Information

Additional information regarding our leadership, Board of Advisors, an FAQ section and a contact us form can be found here:

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