Congratulations to the University of Mississippi and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Tearline Project, our inaugular receipients of the Product of the Year award


This year's inaugural recipients of the Product of the Year award are the University of Mississippi and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Tearline Project, who partnered on the paper "China's Interests in Montenegro: Alternative Analysis Case Study." The Product of the Year award recognizes a finished OSINT product that has demonstrated exceptional value to the nation, materially contributed to the OSINT discipline, and benefitted the public good. It must be entirely unclassified and publicly available, and must increase the public’s understanding of the value of open-source intelligence. This product demonstrated effective OSINT tradecraft and served as an exemplar of a high-quality OSINT product. Receiving the award on behalf of Ole Miss is Professor Shaio Zerba, PhD, and students Landon Lunsford, Grace Lee Holmes, and Zachary Partin, and for NGA, Chris Rasmussen, the NGA Tearline Project Manager. The IC OSINT Product of the Year, presented by the Chair of our Practitioner Committee, Mr. David Reese.