Flashpoint Silver Sponsor of the OSINT Foundation

OSINT Foundation


Flashpoint Silver Sponsor of the OSINT Foundation

The OSINT Foundation is pleased to announce that Flashpoint has partnered with us as a Silver Level Sponsor. The OSINT Foundation is the professional association for OSINT practitioners who support the U.S. Intelligence Community. Corporate sponsors support the mission of the Foundation, which is to promote OSINT tradecraft, elevate the discipline, and develop the practitioner community to advance the national security of the United States. Our sponsors enable the Foundation to provide opportunities for OSINT practitioners to grow through forums, continuing education, promulgating OSINT best practices, developing professional certification standards, and recognizing performance excellence. 

Flashpoint helps organizations protect their most critical assets, infrastructure, and stakeholders from security risks such as cyber threats, ransomware, fraud, physical threats, and more. Leading security practitioners—including physical and corporate security, cyber threat intelligence (CTI), vulnerability management, and vendor risk management teams—rely on the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform, comprising open-source (OSINT) and closed intelligence, to proactively identify and mitigate risk and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Flashpoint is thrilled to support the OSINT Foundation and its mission of developing community and tradecraft around open-source intelligence, and to advance U.S. national security,” said Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz. “OSINT has never been more mission-critical than it is today. It powerfully supports the missions of security and intelligence practitioners across government and the private sector, helping them navigate an ever-growing array of cyber and physical threats. The OSINT revolution is here, and we’re proud to support the Foundation in helping to evangelize the power of OSINT."

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, technology firms like Flashpoint are critical partners of the OSINT discipline,” Barbara Alexander, president of the OSINT Foundation, notes. “From advanced tools and solutions, to their own research and analysis, our corporate sponsors bring insight and effective practices, and we are stronger for partnership with them. We are happy to welcome Flashpoint to the Foundation’s membership and are grateful for their Silver Level sponsorship.”