Skilling Awarded Inaugural Waller IC OSINT Practitioner Award

OSINT Foundation


The OSINT Foundation is pleased to announce that Matthew Skilling is the inaugural recipient of the LTC Ed Waller Intelligence Community OSINT Practitioner of the Year Award. Mr. Skilling’s work in growing the Army's OSINT capability in the European theater, expanding OSINT tradecraft, and mentoring practitioners, including those of Allied nations, directly contributed to the mission of the Army OSINT Enterprise. His efforts to standardize OSINT products and establish the Army's OSIR reporting structure are evidence of the maturation and professionalization of the discipline - critical goals of the Foundation, as well as the U.S. Army.

Mr. Skilling's demonstrable contributions to the discipline and our nation’s security exemplify the excellence in OSINT embodied by LTC Ed Waller, for whom the award is named.