OSINT Foundation Launches Tradecraft Committee

OSINT Foundation


Today, the OSINT Foundation launched the Tradecraft Committee, which is tasked with evaluating, documenting, and promulgating OSINT tradecraft best practices. The Committee will also have Awards and Events Subcommittees. The OSINT Foundation, which began operations on August 1, is the professional association for Intelligence Community OSINT practitioners.  Members on the committee represent a cross-section of both government and industry OSINT experts and include:

Peggy Lyons – Chair

Keith Barbato

Mark Kjorness

Kirby Plessas

*Additional members are awaiting final guidance from management and will be announced soon.

Barbara Alexander, the OSINT Foundation President, stated, “We are very happy to announce the launch of our Tradecraft Committee. It will build on the foundation established by the Practitioner Committee, which has recently published initial definitions for the discipline. The new committee will recommend tradecraft best practices for the discipline via a consultative and collaborative process. We are very thankful for our committee members who have so graciously volunteered their time and expertise.” Additional information on the Tradecraft Committee is available on the OSINT Foundation website (https://www.osintfoundation.com/osint/Tradecraft.asp).

Unless specifically stated, U.S. Government employees serving on OSINT Foundation committees and subcommittees are doing so in a personal capacity, and do not represent their agency, or the U.S. Government.