Recorded Future Gold Sponsor of the OSINT Foundation

OSINT Foundation


The OSINT Foundation is pleased to announce that Recorded Future has partnered with us as a Gold Level Sponsor. The OSINT Foundation is the professional association for OSINT practitioners who support the U.S. Intelligence Community. Corporate sponsors support the mission of the Foundation, which is to promote OSINT tradecraft, elevate the discipline, and develop the practitioner community to advance the national security of the United States. Our sponsors enable the Foundation to provide opportunities for OSINT practitioners to grow through forums, continuing education, promulgating OSINT best practices, developing professional certification standards, and recognizing performance excellence.

Recorded Future is an intelligence company that supports public and private sector clients with OSINT for some of the most complex cyber and physical security missions. Recorded Future’s Intelligence Cloud provides complete coverage across adversaries, infrastructure, and targets. By combining persistent and pervasive automated data collection and analytics with human analysis, Recorded Future provides real-time visibility into the digital landscape and empowers clients to take proactive action to disrupt adversaries and keep their people, systems, and infrastructure safe.  “We are very excited to announce our support of the OSINT Foundation,” said Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, Recorded Future Co-Founder and CEO. “As threats converge across the cyber, physical, and influence domains, OSINT is more important now than ever before. Investing in open-source intelligence through the great work being done by the OSINT Foundation will help elevate the discipline and broaden its awareness across the national security community as a whole.”

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, technology firms like Recorded Future are critical partners of the OSINT discipline,” Barbara Alexander, president of the OSINT Foundation, notes. “Practitioners rely on tools and cutting-edge techniques to apply their tradecraft to the vast amounts of publicly available data to answer the hard intelligence questions. Our corporate sponsors bring insight and effective practices, and we are stronger for partnership with them. We are pleased to welcome Recorded Future to the Foundation’s membership and are deeply grateful for their Gold Level sponsorship.”